My Story

I’m an aspiring photographer with a passion for wildlife and nature. As a born and bred South African, I have always loved being outdoors. Growing up, I spent as much time as possible outdoors, cycling through parks and fishing with friends. I’ve always loved animals, but unlike popular stereotypes, wildlife like the big five don’t just wander the streets, but I’ve had my fair share of encounters with wild animals, even when I was young. 

After finishing high school, I got to spend more and more time in wildlife reserves around the country, or as we call it, ‘the bush’. Whilst driving through the Pilanesberg National park with my girlfriend, I had the urge to photograph some of the incredible sites we came across but didn’t have a camera. Looking for the next best thing, I turned to the pair of binoculars we had and started taking photos with my phone through the magnifying lens. It wasn’t a perfect method, it was difficult to line up the shots and get the focus just right. There may have been a run-in with an elephant… but to be fair it’s a lot harder to tell how far away things are when you’re looking at them through a phone camera, through a pair of binoculars. It didn’t matter how frustrating it was - I had started taking photos and the urge to take more just kept growing. 

Over the last three years, I have moved from simple photos on my phone, to the Canon Camera I use now and with my home country as one of the best places in the world to learn and grow as a wildlife photographer. My passion for wildlife has only grown, particularly for birds and the less famous of the African wild animals (no offense to the big five), so I try to capture their power and personality in my photos. As a native South Africa, it is a gift to have so many national parks that aim to keep the natural world intact and let the animals live freely in their natural habitat, so part of my goal as a photographer is to capture that magnificence and all the wildlife wonders South Africa has to offer. I’m a semifinalist in the Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards for Nature’s Best Photography, with hopes of establishing my name as a wildlife photographer. 

Thanks for your support!